Everything you need to know about your tattoo!


1) After tattooing, the wound is covered with a temporary foil or a protection film so that no dirt ends up in the wound and the clothing does not stick to the tattoo.

2) Remove the temporary film after two hours at the earliest, the protection film must be removed after two to three days. Do not cover the tattoo again after this!

It is completely normal for some blood or exudate to come out of your fresh tattoo immediately after placement. Also redness and itching during the healing process, as well as fading and peeling of the tattoo is normal. If you're in doubt, please contact us.

Clean your tattoo at least twice a day with the provided soap and lukewarm water. Use a clean bare hand for this, not a sponge.

4) Pat the tattoo dry with a clean cloth or a paper towel, let it air dry for a while. Repeat when your tattoo needs it. Leave the skin alone for the first four hours and under no circumstances cover the tattoo with a foil.

5) If the exudate is still released on the first day, clean your tattoo again with the soap, from day 2 (after 48 hours) apply the ointment provided thinly on your tattoo to prevent dehydration and crusting.

During the healing process, make sure that you do not touch your tattoo with dirty hands, do not scratch it, do not wear tight clothing, do not sit directly in the sun, do not go swimming, bathing or in the sauna. No tanning bed or tan without sun.

Your epidermis heals in about a week, then it takes six to eight weeks, depending on your health, before the under layer of the skin (dermis) is healed. Tattooing or touching up over the tattoo again is therefore only possible after eight weeks.

In case of extreme swelling, redness and heat, always contact your doctor and inform us.

© We give a guarantee on our work (hands/feet excluded)

Please understand that tattoos do not always heal perfectly. We therefore offer a free touch up appointment within four months, if necessary.

Attention: Please inform us 48 hours in advance if your appointment changes, without a valid reason within 48 hours, you will lose the paid deposit.