Tatsu-Tattoo Tatuering Örebro

Meet Tatsu-Tattoo

Get to know who is behind Tatsu!

Tatuerare Ray

All the way from Holland, Ray is an allround Dutch artist and the founder of Tatsu-Tattoo. With 12 years of expierence, he can take on most styles. From fine lettering to realistic portraits. His favourite thing to tattoo? Realistic animals.

Young artist Indy

As the oldest daughter of the founders of Tatsu, Indy enrolled in the tattoo world at a young age. With the few pieces she already did, she is still new to the tattoo world and learning everyday. A true Gen-Z school dropout.

Designer Simone

Our co-founder of Tatsu-tattoo and very own designer Simone helps us with making your tattoo your own. As wife of the artist she is very involved in the business. She knows the tattoo basics as she also has her certificate to tattoo but likes it more to draw and do personal designs as-well as run her own business.