What to expect:

Work method

We work with three steps so that the customer has sufficient reflection time between the appointments.

1. First: introduction

This is a completely free and non-binding appointment in which your wishes, our working method and our consent form are discussed. You are always welcome in our studio, so feel free to walk in! If you want to be sure that we can make time for you right away, make an online appointment.

2. Second appointment: the design

At this appointment you will look at the design and you will receive a target price for the tattoo so that it is clear in advance what to expect. (If you already have a design yourself, this appointment is unnecessary).

3. Third appointment: getting the tattoo

Finally the time has come and your work of art will be immortalized on your body! At this appointment, it is the intention that you are fit and free of alcohol or narcotics and preferably without perfume.
The use of Emla ointment is allowed because it comes with a doctor's prescription, although this is not recommended.

Extra information:

* You have a free touch-up guarantee on your tattoo with us. You must make an appointment within 4 months. This excludes hand, finger and foot tattoos.
* We do not put tattoos on the face, no racist tattoos and do not put anything on intimate parts.